Hallo from Essex UK

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Hallo from Essex UK

Postby John Coffin » Wed Dec 05, 2018 5:23 pm

Thank you for letting me join your forum. I have been an amateur astronomer for only three years but quickly became interested in spectroscopy and started using a Star Analyser. This winter I've bought an Alpy 600 and have been acquiring the spectra of some symbiotic stars. I've learnt a lot from this forum and also from the BAA forum.
Essex is in the East of England and one of the driest parts. We have less rain than Jerusalem! However I'd say that on average, only one in seven nights are clear.

While Brexit threatens to separate the UK from the rest of Europe I am especially grateful for the international community of astronomy that is nurtured in a forum like this.
John Coffin
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Re: Hallo from Essex UK

Postby Olivier GARDE » Thu Dec 06, 2018 8:27 pm

Hi John,

Welcome on this forum....
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Re: Hallo from Essex UK

Postby Forrest Sims » Fri Dec 07, 2018 5:05 pm

Hi John,

Nice to have you join ARAS. I have found this to be a very smart, friendly and helpful group of people. I am thankful to get to participate with this international group of like minded amateur scientists as until recently we have not had a lot of amateur interest in spectroscopy in the USA. And a special shoutout to François Teyssier for his efforts on maintaining this site and all the encouragement he has given me and his promotion of ARAS work to the professional community.

Our weather here in the Phoenix Arizona area is supposed to be clear and dry, but this year we have had above normal rain and considerable cloudiness. Right now we are running about the same as you, 1 in 7 clear nights:(

Woody Sims
Forrest Sims
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Re: Hallo from Essex UK

Postby jack martin » Fri Dec 14, 2018 7:06 pm


I also live in Essex UK.

Small World BIG Universe !

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