Hi from Germany Frankfurt area

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Hi from Germany Frankfurt area

Postby Jurgen Kozok » Wed Nov 20, 2019 12:59 pm

Dr. Juergen Kozok, PHD Astrophysics, but have worked in industry, never giving up the link to Astronomy.

I own a spectrograph LowSpec with grating 300l/mm and optional 1.800l/mm and have access to a 30cm Maksutov at the amateur obervatory in Wiesbaden.
Having studied Astrophysics I am very much interested in the physics behind the spectra and look forward to any lively discussions about this.
Areas of interest are e.g. Be-stars, cosmology.

Beside me, I would like to introduce the group I am member of. We are located in the Rhein-Main Area, close to Frankfurt and dedicated to Spectroscopy. The group currently has 3 additional active members, one of them as well holds a PHD in Astrophysics.

- Dr. Georg Piehler, PHD Astrophysics, owns as spectrograph the LHires III grating 2400l/mm and a 50cm Newton telescope https://selztal-observatory.de/publications/

- Dominik Plonka, studying Astrophysics, currently working on his master

- Hajo Zitzkowski, had studied physics in the past, no degree

Beside Dominik, all of us are retired or very close to retirement and now very much focused on spectroscopic observation and analysis.
For the future, about next year, we are planning to build our own Echelle Spectrograph.

We do have access to additional telescopes, e.g. the 60cm, located north of Frankfurt owned by the
Physikalischer Verein Frankfurt "Hans-Ludwig-Neumann-Sternwarte" auf dem Kleinen Feldberg im Taunus

After getting our various environments going, we are now at a stage, where we can start to contribute with observations to science projects.
Dr. Juergen Kozok
65527 Niedernhausen
Skype: JKozok
Whats app and Threema available
Jurgen Kozok
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Re: Hi from Germany Frankfurt area

Postby admin » Thu Nov 21, 2019 2:00 pm

Dear Jürgen, Georg, Dominik, Hajo,


As observing program we propose Eruptive stars : noticeably symbiotics and novae.
Impressive spectra, short and long term variations (orbital, outbursts ...), interesting in high and low resolution , many collaboration with professional teams (~ 10) and publications, very interesting physics (red giant winds, disks, jets, shocks, accreting white dwarfs...).
More information (results, campaigns and publications) in:

Best regards,

François Teyssier, David Boyd, Woody Sims
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Re: Hi from Germany Frankfurt area

Postby Ernst Pollmann » Tue Nov 26, 2019 4:07 pm

Hi Jürgen, Georg, Dominik & Hajo,
as a german Be star interested amateur researcher I am very pleased to see that there still some others in Germany who are interested in that field.
It would be nice, if you could give a short description of your observation activities (maybe results ?).

Best wishes,
Ernst Pollmann
Ernst Pollmann
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