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Antonio Garrigos

Postby Antonio Garrigos » Wed Jan 15, 2020 7:52 am

Good Morning.
I am Antonio Garrigós, I live in Spain, Observer since my childhood, always self-taught with scientific concerns, astronomy and microscopy have been my companions since then.
In astronomy I began studying the sky visually 70s, making a camera that I attached to the Polarex 102, with it I made my first photos of the sky.
With the entry of the CCDs, and the ST4 I devoted time to planetary observation, within the GEA and with the SX to the study of new variables, I will collaborate with Katrien Kolemberg which was recognized with a double page in the journal Science.
Astrometry and search for new asteroids and comets, search for super novas.
I use a Newton reflector from 511mm to f4. ST-9XE with filter holder wheel, ST-7XME, in parallel the Polarex 102mm the spectroscope is the Lhires III with 2400 l / mm and 150 l / mm.
For spectra I use the 511mm and add a 2x Barlow lens.
I consider myself not advanced is spectroscopy, I would like to be able to provide quality data, I am still struggling to get the most out of the material I have.

I cordially greet all the members.
Antonio Garrigos
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Re: Antonio Garrigos

Postby Joan Guarro Flo » Wed Jan 15, 2020 9:49 am

Bon dia Antonio,

You are welcome! What a pity, that you haven't contacted to me before about it, never mind.

Cordialment, Joan.
Joan Guarro Flo
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