Choosing right reference star?

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Choosing right reference star?

Postby Timo Kantola » Mon Aug 06, 2018 9:10 pm

I gather the observation material for myself to get to the ahead training.
Tuesday-wednesday night may be clear here - so I've chosen 5 objects:

- CH Cyg M7IIIab+Be star (?) AAVSO Alert Notice 639
- M57
- HD178770 In Lyra, M6 star (I took a look and it look interesting, almost like CH Cyg)
- TYC 3590-277-1, B5 D ~ star (spectroscopic doublestar)
- M31 or M32 (just I want to see the spectrum of the galaxy).

I have tested my Alpy one short "night" 31.7.2018, and took some pics 12"F4 Newton without coma corrector (should it be used, I assume that less glass between object and CCD is better ???)

I did some training 1D spectras with Demetra. These do not have instrumental & atmospheric corrections because then things will become complicated (to me).. it looks like instrumental & atmospheric corrections is worth learning - well.

There is no spectral reference star chart / map anywhere? List of HD stars is not very neat.
Is there refstar list / constellation, Cassiopeia,Andromeda,Taurus..?

What is the criterion for good spectra to do instrumental & atmospheric corrections?
Hot A or B type star, with same mag.range (Demetra manual).
Somewhere read that it must be same spectral type, and it need to find in software reference spectrum catalog.

So what and how to find it for (not coordinates, but where did you dig it').
- CH Cyg
- M57
- HD178770
- TYC 3590-277-1
- M31

One stupid can ask more than ten wise men has time to respond!
Timo K.
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Timo Kantola
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