EAS Meeting Valencia June 2022

EAS Meeting Valencia June 2022

Postby Francois Teyssier » Thu Jun 02, 2022 8:12 am

I am pleased to announce that I will give a talk
during the annual meeting of European Astronomical Society (EAS) in Valencia (SP) late june

Aras Eruptive Stars Spectroscopy

ePoster RS Oph Optical spectroscopic development during 2021 outburst: Evolution of the degree of ionization
Thu. 30th Jun.

Contributed talk Optical spectroscopic development during RS Oph 2021 outburst: High cadency monitoring allows a precise description of the phenomena
Thu. 30th Jun. 12:15 - 12:30

François Teyssier

I am deeply honored and and beyond, it is a nice recognition of our collective commitment to producing quality spectra in the field of eruptive stars

... and, it will be a real pleasure to meet again my friend Joan Guarro.
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Re: EAS Meeting Valencia June 2022

Postby Joan Guarro Flo » Fri Jun 03, 2022 10:57 am

Bonjour François, bonjour a tous,

I would like to say that a professor of Barcelona University and member of the Specific Scientific Committee for speakers organization over the star RS Oph studies and evolution, suggested to us a possible presentation over the work  of Aras Eruptive Stars Spectroscopy, François has being worked these last days .Fortunately his study has accepted for the EAS Scientific Committee.

Really EAS2022 has a forest of very high number of contributions and conferences about cosmological and astrophysical subjects, and the spectroscopy only represents a minuscule part, but despite that, we hope it will be profitable for contact and meet new people who be able toset collaborations in next future.
Our little moment, our little public time in EAS2022 want to be also a little complementary piece of the splendid job and a new way that Ernst has started in VEGA2022, recently he wrote me, "In conversations with professional colleagues, it became clear that amateurs are no longer amateurs in their eyes, but are seen on an equal footing with professional astronomers", all of that sure it will open new paths for our spectroscopy works.

Finally, whether you want to see and read about François' presentation, when you  are in https://eas.unige.ch/EAS2022/, then click in "Interactive Programme", after that, at the top, active "Thu. 30th Jun." then you in the penultimate line you find "SS18" that is the name of RS Opf Session,and in SS18b you can find an abstract François' "Contributed talk"

Best wishes, Joan Guarro.
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Re: EAS Meeting Valencia June 2022

Postby Joan Guarro Flo » Fri Jul 08, 2022 8:19 am


After one week of coming back from València, I haven't had enough time to explain to you our impressions about people we met and possible collaboration contacts, I think we won't be able to extract results till some time has passed.

On the other hand I believe that François could expose here in brief his own impressions about his speech and its acceptance grade.

By the way, reviewing this forum from last time, my point of view is that we attended a fase very active about building spectrographs, ( the UVEX for example ), with a lot of you really passionate showing your devices and almost always interesting and nice observation results.

It seems that nowadays a new relaxed fase has come where observational activity decreases and I wonder to myself if it is due to a possible lack of observation programmes adequate to this sort of spectrographs. Am I wrong ? Am I seeing a mirage ?

Vega 2022 first and EAS 2022 second there are had made in part with the idea to plenty this gap, so a seriously Pro/Am collaboration is the best way for stimulate the desire and willingness to observe, you know, not exist any despicable spectrograph you only need to find a correct observation program for it.

You know too, "if you don't use it, you lose it".

I would really appreciate your opinion about that, and if nobody texts me it would say that really I'm wrong and seeing a mirage. 

Cheers, Joan Guarro.
Joan Guarro Flo
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