Hello from Pieksämäki, Finland

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Hello from Pieksämäki, Finland

Postby Timo Kantola » Thu Jul 19, 2018 4:32 pm

Hello everyone!
I'm 50 years old amateur astronomer, been amateur since 1973 or something, I do not remember the exact date when it hit. Living now near Pieksämäki - 3085 km to South from North pole.

Quick amateur astronomy history:
- 1979 got first scope RET-35.
- 1981 Membership Astronomical Society Ursa ry.
- 1982 I bought bigger scope RET-45.
- 1982 start grinding Big 6" mirror.
- 1987 I finished 6" mirror, and moved grinding even bigger 8" mirror!
- 1994 8" mirror is redy, and is Superb 8" F5.2 still in use.
- 2005 I built a 10" F7 backyard observatory for video imaging planets and Moon. Registax was a Thing at that time!
- 2005 I bought Canon350D and IR modified it to imagine deepsky targets, the universe looked gorgeous.
- 2010 I got used StarlightXpress MX716 , and I made my first brightness measurements. I reported results to AAVSO. UX Uma and TT Ari was new and amazing things in my world!

- 2012 completed my second backyard observatory (current workhorse) dedicated to variable stars, comets and asteroids: Roll off roof observatory, remotely (30m from my house) controled ASA DDM60, SPX300F4 and Atik 314L+. I needed a simple hardware (no guide scope, no PHD ... nothing extra) less is more. ASA was awkward get to work (I'm not a software buddy - far from that) When I got ASA to cooperate, life is easy, just lit it on, run to the reference - and start your obs. When the temperature drops below -30 (Not every year, but maybe every 1 to 3 year is these cold periods) ASA starts to complain (Dec axes jamming) and needs additional heating, then it rocks again.

-2016 I was run HADS project observations (time series) in V2455Cyg, I came across a new eclipsing variable, the new variable is not unusual, but this was where it should have been found a long time ago. 56" from V2455Cyg, V-mag 9.982 B-V 0.113, an ideal calibration star, if you'r doing V2455Cyg - and no one had noticed! Took me more than a year to sort out period 12.552455d +/- 0.014531. I was thinking of continuing the investigation by studying spectrum of the system 000-BMD-527.

2018- So I bought Alpy 600. And Now I'm here to learn new things, and because I'm in trouble with ISIS software.

I write English with google translator, if you wonder strange expressions :)

Nice to meet you - spectroscope people!
Timo Kantola
Pieksämäki, Finland.
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Timo Kantola
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Re: Hello from Pieksämäki, Finland

Postby Olivier GARDE » Thu Jul 19, 2018 4:43 pm

Hi Timo,

Welcome on this spectro forum !!!

What kind of problem did you have with ISIS ?

Did you try demetra software ?
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Re: Hello from Pieksämäki, Finland

Postby Timo Kantola » Thu Jul 19, 2018 5:49 pm

Hi Olivier, and thanks for reply!
I never heard demetra, I have to look it.

when i downloaded newest ISIS 5.9.3, my F-secure anti-virus flagged isis.exe as "W32/Malware!DeepGuard.ag"
I downloaded it from: http://www.astrosurf.com/buil/isis-software.html
After scaning isis.exe for viruses, F-secure found nothing dangerous - so i run it. It starts ok.

I did settings, except gnuplot (didin't downloaded it) is gnuplot necessary, the "must"?

1 image, image opens ok. Raw image from Atik314L+ is ok
, but if image is for example stacked image from Bass project, its all black, nothing in it. Fits liberator opens stacked .fit images normally, ISIS shows it black. Only RAW pics are ok.

After opening image, and moving foward -> pressing Next, i get notification "Sun01.fit not found in the working directory" (Pic Sun0 was opened). If Sun2 was open, and pres Next, then i get notification "Sun21.fit not found in the working directory" Workin directory is this same location, where Sun pic are.
Sun3, notification "Sun31.fit not found
Sun4, notification "Sun41.fit not found and so on..

If i open Sun1, and rerame Sun2-> Sun11 then ISIS is happy, and move on page 2.General,
In 2.General page pic Sun11 is in Calibration box as calibration image?
Settings are ALPY 600 (without calibration module)

Manual i using https://nimax-img.de/Produktdownloads/3 ... tungEN.pdf

Timo K.
Timo Kantola
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Re: Hello from Pieksämäki, Finland

Postby Forrest Sims » Tue Jul 24, 2018 7:51 am

Hi Timo,

Welcome to Spectroscopy and ARAS. There are many experienced and helpful people here. By chance were you at the BAA (British Astronomy Association) meeting at Warwick University this July in Great Britain? If so, I think we met after the meeting on Sunday night. I do not have an Alpy600 but do have a Shelyak LISA for over 1 year now. So I may be able to help with some ISIS questions as both acquire the full visible spectrum and so share some of the same issues. Also do you have François Cochard (Shelyak) book “Successfully Starting in Astronomical Spectroscopy”?

Regarding your specific question and the file name Sun01.fit, ISIS does not like leading zero’s. Try files named Sun1.fit, Sun2.fit, etc.

I am not at my home observatory near Phoenix Arizona until the end of August, but instead in Central Europe getting some “mountain time”:) Arizona has summer monsoon weather now which is not so good for Astronomy.

Please feel free to send me a private email if you like.
Woody Sims
Forrest Sims
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Re: Hello from Pieksämäki, Finland

Postby Timo Kantola » Sun Aug 05, 2018 1:39 pm

Hi Woody!
Sorry my reply took a long time, so much to do and little time etc...
I've never been in Great Britain, so we've never met - it was someone else.
I got ahead with Demetra, and stuck at the beginning of ISIS.
I will put soon both of them to Beginners corner.

Timo Kantola
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Re: Hello from Pieksämäki, Finland

Postby etienne bertrand » Mon Aug 06, 2018 10:18 am

Welcome on this forum!
etienne bertrand
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